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Bone Substitute

“Bone formation” and “inhibition of bone destruction” should be facilitated, at the same time, help bone regeneration in a healthy manner.
Existing bone substitutes only work for a single function that facilitates either bone formation or inhibition of born destruction.
CellSafe’s bone substitute is the world’s first technology that facilitates bone regeneration through dual functions.
It is an innovative technology that can compensate for the low bone density and bone overgrowth, which are the side effects of existing bone substitutes.

[Figure] This is the experimental result of coating CSNP35, which is a bone substitute material, on the titanium block and treating it on the femur of osteoporotic rats. Bone growth was not observed in the control group, whereas it was found that the bone regeneration was facilitated in proportion to the concentration of coated CSNP35.

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