About us


Greetings from the CEO

Established in 2009, CellSafe is a bio venture company that owns Mycoplasma Total Solution, which can effectively detect, eliminate, and prevent Mycoplasma that affects cell culture.

CellSafe has developed into a global company that can provide Mycoplasma Total Solution to our clients. To realize the best technology, CellSafe has overcome many technical difficulties. It has developed the Mycoplasma qPCR detection kit and Mycoplasma elimination kit, which is the first of its kind in Asia, and has exported products worldwide including the United States and Japan. The company established a GMP-grade manufacturing plant to produce all types of products according to a top-notch quality system.

CellSafe manufactures various diagnostic materials that include Taq DNA polymerase of GMP grade and supplies them to universities, hospitals, and diagnostic companies. By developing products for the clinical diagnosis and innovative biomedical materials and products, CellSafe aims to grow into a world-class company.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our clients who have supported us so far and would like to return the favor with the best technology and products through continuous innovation.

Thank you!

CEO Jae Jin, Han